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here is a link to my 2014 entry "ALL that is Missing" 

Playing at the Republic
A favorite venue for the trio

Warren is now located in the Grand Rapids, MI area and enjoying
playing and connecting with the very active jazz scene.
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John Shea Trio
Making Jazz Happen!

The John Shea Winter Trio w/Fred Knapp
at the JW Marriot Fridays 7-10


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Warren L. Jones III has spent more than 35 years as a professional bassist, composer, clinician and teacher. He has performed and recorded with national and local musicians and entertainers in the Valley of the Sun since 1980. A Jazz Bass Performance graduate of the Arizona State University School of Music in 1986, he has taught in high schools, community colleges, and was an adjunct faculty member of the ASU and MCC Jazz departments.

He appears with both local and national artists on more than 30 CDs and DVDs. Mr. Jones has composed over 40 pieces of music for various diverse ensembles. His compositions and arrangements have been performed locally and internationally.

He was a founding member of the award winning Craig Render Quartet in the 1980's and has been mentioned in Downbeat magazine as a musician to be noticed in Arizona. He has performed as a sideman on many jazz recordings, including two releases by the Phoenix Jazz Quartet, several with the Keith Greko Trio, “Live at Inspirations” with Bob Kindred and Chuck Marohnic, "The Complete Phoenix Recordings" with the Carl Fontana/Conte Condoli Quintet, "A Cool Brassy Night at the North Pole" with Summit Brass, Fred Forney's "Into the Mist", and the critically acclaimed Bob Ravenscroft Trio's , “Live at Taliesen West”.

Jones has been, and is a leader of several jazz ensembles, including the Trio 2000, the Quartetto del Sol, and co/founder of the Phoenix Jazz Quartet that featured Armand Boatman and the Moio Brothers. A recent group "BRIDGES" features Jacob Koller on piano and is a critical success.
Jones' new recording "I Imagine So..." features 11 original compositons and the valleys finest jazz musicians and improvisers.
Jones has relocated to the Grand Rapids, MI area and is enjoying a resurgence in performance and creativity.
"This environment is ripe for players and the jazz scene is appreciated by the fans."

 A New Times review of "I Imagine So" by Michael Lopez  follows......

Artist: Warren L. Jones III

 Title: I Imagine So... Basics: What say you to a YAFI first -- at least for my tenure? That's right, I'm talking about some smooth, uncensored jazz. No more pop punk or countrified rock. Just the sweet, dulcet tones of Warren L. Jones III and his supporting cast.  Jones has a long, impressive history in music, spending 30 years as a professional bassist, composer, clinician and teacher. He is a Jazz Bass performance graduate of the Arizona State University School of Music and was an adjunct faculty member of both the ASU and MCC jazz departments. Warren L. Jones III, it's safe to say, knows his jazz. Best Song: This honor has to go to the best-named song on the album, "Indigo Bunting." Yes, jazz is hard to discern unless you exclusively listen to jazz and can thus tell the subtle differences and other nuances in a given album or song. What is not difficult to tell about Jones' music is that he is an accomplished and skilled musician. I might shock some people by saying this (not really), but I don't listen to a whole lot of jazz. That's not to say I don't like it -- Cinematic Orchestra's Live at the Royal Albert Hall was one of my favorite albums of 2008 and I know a thing or two about New Orleans jazz and funk. That being said, it's easy to tell on "Indigo Bunting" that Jones has surrounded himself with some of the Valley's finest talent -- Fred Forney, Jerry Donato, Tim Downs and Joe Garcia all provide stellar contributions on their respective instruments. "Indigo Bunting" is one of the more fast-paced, rambunctious tunes on the album and it features some pretty whimsical 'bone from Mark Witt. Another Good Song: If "Indigo Bunting" is the best song on the album -- both in name and in content -- then "Freezer Queens" is a close second. These two tracks were the only two that really made me look up from what I was doing so I could remember their track numbers and, subsequently, their fantastically odd names. "Freezer Queens" replaces the stellar trombone of "Indigo Bunting" with some just as spectacular guitar wizardry, compliments of Mike Ozuna. There's just a hint of "Wonderful Christmastime" with Rachel Eckroth's keyboard playing. If this were being played live while I was at a bar or restaurant -- like Surprise's Eureka! Grill, where Jones is a regular on Friday nights -- I would actually enjoy myself.  Grade: A

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L.A. Jazz writer Scott Yanow reviews new CD  from Warren Jones “I Imagine So…” 

Warren L. Jones III. is a fine bassist who is a very skilled composer. Based in Arizona, he has been both a professional musician and an educator for several decades. Jones worked with the Craig Render Quartet in the 1980s, has recorded with the Phoenix Jazz Quartet, Keith Greko, Bob Kindred, Chuck Marohnic and Bob Ravenscroft, and has led Trio 2000 and the Quartetto del Sol.The bassist can be heard at his best on his own CDs since they feature his inventive originals. Rather than write tunes full of obvious ideas or based on the chord changes of earlier standards, the bassist has contributed 11 selections to I Imagine So that are full of subtle surprises and quiet creativity. He features different instrumentalists throughout the set, taking occasional solos himself but mostly playing in a supportive role.Most of the pieces are quite concise, with only two clocking in over 4:22. The medium-tempo “Ms. B. Walks” does indeed convey the image of someone walking. Jerry Donato's soprano is mostly in the lead. The atmospheric ballad “Even Now” is one of several numbers that has solo space for Rachel Eckroth's electric keyboards. “Bye And Bye” is a spirited jazz waltz and puts the focus on trumpeter Fred Forney and Mike Ozuna's guitar. The relatively high-powered “Indigo Bunting” features Eckroth and Forney and has a mysterious catchy rhythm played by drummer Tim Downs. The charming waltz “All That Is Missing” features guitarist Chris Champion.“Ann, On A Moose” and “Waltz For Two Sisters” both have fine solo space for Forney. “Freezer Queens” shows that it is possible for a performance to be both rockish and melodic. The likable fusion piece gives guitarist Ozuna an opportunity to display his versatility. “A Picture Of You” puts Eckrtoth's acoustic piano in the spotlight. “The Three Ways,” a laidback yet haunting number, has guest appearances by guitarist Chris Champion, pianist Barb Catlin and Allen Ames on the violira; all make the most of their solo space. I Imagine So finished up with the cheerful “S'Bossa,” which, in addition to Forney, has spots for Donato's tenor and trombonist Mark Witt.But more than the individual solos, I Imagine So is most memorable for the very original compositions of the leader. It is one thing to play well, and other to add to the legacy of jazz. Warren L. Jones III. does both on this excellent outing.Scott Yanow, author of ten books including The Jazz Singers, Trumpet Kings, Jazz On Film and Jazz On Record 1917-76

The JST with our friend Greg Sergo
All strength and power for our man Greg

The bandstand awaits
NHBC on sundays

           Places that you can go to hear and see Warren perform...

  • Fridays.....JW Marriot in downtown GR.....6-10.....w/John Shea Trio
  • Saturdays....Notos Italian.....28th St towards cascade.....7-10pm.....JST
  • Mondays....Rockwells Republic on Division in GR......8-11.....w/JST


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